Daizuli Pipe

A Daizuli Pipe

Added in BuildCraft 4.0.0, the Daizuli Pipe is used to redirect items based on their colour tag. Items must pass through a Lapis Pipe in order to be colour tagged, and upon subsequently arriving at the Daizuli Pipe will be forwarded to the output side (solid fill in 4.0.0, unfilled in 4.1.0) if their colour matches the colour of the Daizuli Pipe. Items with non-matching colour tags will be sent down one of the remaining pipes.


The Daizuli Pipe has one output face, similar to the Iron Pipe, however their output is defined by the unfilled side (or the solid side in 4.0.0). The output side can be rotated using a wrench, and the colour of the pipe can be changed by sneak-rightclicking.



  • 1 x Lapis Lazuli Block
  • 1 x Glass
  • 1 x Diamond

Produces: 8 x Daizuli Pipe

see: Crafting Guide

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