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The gold transport pipe will accelerate items that pass through it.  A single segment of gold pipe will give items a small boost of speed.  Multiple connected segments of gold pipe grant significantly greater acceleration. 

Gold pipes can be waterproofed, and turned into conductive pipes. Waterproofing a gold pipe will result in a golden waterproof pipe.

As of Buildcraft 3.2.0, gold pipe no longer requires a redstone signal. 


Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot


Gold Ingot

Gold Pipe

Gold Pipe

Gold Pipe


  • 2 x Gold Ingot
  • 1 x Glass

Produces: 8 x Gold Pipe

See: Crafting Guide

Setup DemonstrationEdit

Golden Transport Pipe - Tekkit In Less Than 90 Seconds00:54

Golden Transport Pipe - Tekkit In Less Than 90 Seconds

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