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Buildcraft is a full featured modification ("mod") for Minecraft that adds automated building, mining and crafting as well as pipe transport and item sorting to the Minecraft experience.



The most basic and useful part of Buildcraft. They can carry, extract and insert items, liquids and power.



So you got yourself a nice new Mining Well, or maybe a Quarry, and it's just sitting there. Well, we have news for you: you need Engines! The power that makes the Minecraft world go 'round.


Automatic Mining

More time for building and experimenting with redstone! You still need to do some mining before getting some automated mining!


Automatic Building

The easiest way to construct a building is to get a machine to do it for you.


Automatic Crafting Table

The easy way to make a lot of something. Flip a switch, walk far away, come back at the end of the day and find a chest full of diamond picks! The possibilities are endless.


Recipe Images

A category full of useful images for lots of recipies.



In the event that you, reading this wiki, decide that this mod, you know, is pretty cool... and you need to install it... well, we have a page for that too! How to install Buildcraft is the webpage for you! Also, our Tutorials cover a wide range of subjects.

Official tutorials and other videos are availiable on SpaceToad's Youtube Buildcraft page


Buildcraft 3

Buildcraft 3 introduces many new features - learn all about them here.

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