Pipe plugs example
Pipe plugs are items. added in Buildcraft 3.5.2. Their purpose is to prevent connection between pipes, chest or machines which normally connect to each other. They are used in tightly packed machinery to avoid space wasting and the usage of different types of pipes (eg cobblestone and stone transport pipes)



Recipe for crafting pipe plugs

The crafting of pipe plugs requires late game machinery - lasers and an assembly Table. The ingredient needed is structure pipes. The power required for crafting a set of 8 pipe plugs is 1 000 MJ


The pipe plugs work on any kind of transport, conductive or waterproof pipes. Similar to the pipe wires, there is no way of getting the plugs back, without destroying the pipe they are put on. For full insulation of a pipe, you will need 4 pipe plugs.

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