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Some Red Pipe Wire in action.
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Pipe Wires are crafted in an Assembly Table. They are added to Pipes in order to allow Gates to transmit signals between one another. They are also components used in crafting the more complex Gates.

Cobblestone structure pipes can be used to connect a pipewire from one pipe to another without linking the pipes.

Pipe wires, along with gates, can be removed by sneaking and right clicking the pipe.



Iron Ingot


Pipe Wire


  • 1 x Redstone
  • 1 x Iron Ingot
  • 1 x Dye

Produces: 8 x Pipe Wire

See: Crafting Guide

Note that the various gates can only connect to certain colour wires (e.g., Iron gates can only connect to red wires, gold gates can connect to red and blue wires, and diamond all four colors).

Video TutorialEdit

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