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Pipe placement is important. If you want to remove items from a furnace, for example, then a wooden pipe needs to be attached to the side of the furnace. A pipe connected to the top of a furnace places items into the top spot, and a pipe connected to the bottom of a furnace puts items into the bottom spot.

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Non-BC item

Non-BC item

Non-BC item


The crafting recipes

Pipes (overview)

Buildcraft Pipes

Wood, cobblestone, stone, iron, gold, diamond and obsidian pipes.

Waterproof pipes

Wooden, Cobblestone, Stone, Iron and Gold waterproof pipes.

Conductive pipes

Wooden, Stone and Gold conductive pipes.

Wooden Pipe

Wooden pipes are for extracting items from any container (e.g. furnace, chest and other things that may hold items). It must be powered by an adjacent engine to function.

Cobblestone Pipe

Cobblestone pipes carry items along the pipe network. They will not connect to stone pipes.

Stone Pipe

Stone pipes carry items along the pipe network. They will not connect to cobblestone pipes.

Iron Pipe

Iron pipes have only one output. It can be changed with redstone or a wrench. They can't output into a wooden pipe.

Gold Pipe

Gold pipes can boost the speed of items passing through them when supplied with a redstone current

Diamond Pipe

Diamond pipes can filter items to different output pipes based on a user-defined filter.

Obsidian Pipe

Obsidian pipes will pick up items off the ground. Their collection range will increase when powered by an engine.

Stripe Pipe

Stripe pipe will place or pick up an object that is in front of it when powered by an engine.

Waterproof Pipes

Main article: Waterproof Pipes

Waterproof pipes can carry buildcraft compatible liquids around. They require pipe waterproof in their construction.

Conductive Pipes

Main article: Conductive Pipes

Conductive pipes can carry energy from engines to machines (e.g. quarry , oil refinery etc). They will not carry items or liquids.

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