A Redstone Board is one of the main parts when programming a Robot. After it has been set up in a Programming Table, it must be placed in an Integration Table to be added to a robot.


Untitled 1988
  • 8 x Paper
  • 1 x Redstone Dust

Produces: 1 x Redstone Board


When programming a Redstone Board, you will need to craft a Programming Table. From there, you may select what type of program to use. The programed redstone board is useless on its own. This is why you can intergrate it into a Robot using a Integration Table. This will give your Robot the program that was on the redstone board.

Types of Programs and What They DoEdit

Program Name Item Description Tips/Help
Carrier Moves items between inventories
Tank Moves fluids between tanks
Picker Picks up items
Butcher Fights animals
Farmer Hoes dirt
Harvester Harvests mature crops
Lumberjack Breaks logs
Planter Plants crops
Pump Pumps out liquids
Leaf Cutter Cuts leaves
Miner Mines ores
Shovelman Shovels area
Bomber Bombs location
Delivery Delivers items upon request
Knight Fights mobs
Stripes Uhh... Stripes! Mines stone
Builder Builds structures

For help on what the robots with these programs do, visit Robots page.


This is a very simple step. All you must do is open up a Integration Table and insert a Robot in the middle and the redstone board in the top slot.
Untitled 1989

Lumberjack program integration

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