Make one house and a simple farm (the farm must be one level above ground, like ordinary NPC Farms.) Then make two templates and a Template Drawing Table. Put the Template Drawing Table 1 block far from one of the exact corners of the house, put one of the blank templates, place Landmarks in the corners of the house, power on the Drawing Machine with any engine and finally start the template drawing by using a redstone lever.

Then repeat the same step, but instead in the farm, and using the other blank Template. Name the templates of "NPC_House" and "NPC_Farm". Then use a Builder to repeat the houses and put more of them in the selected area for the Village. Also ut randomly some few farms. Manually make one central Well and the paths between the structures, made out of gravel.

Keep in mind you need to be in Creative mode or to have cheats enabled to populate the village with least 2 villagers. If you are in Creative mode, repopulate them using Spawn Eggs. If you are with cheats enabled (in Creative or Survival, or even Hardcore mode,) then try using the following code, pressing T to open a text box and typing on the code, and then submitting it by pressing Enter:

/summon Villager

Simply as that, summons a Villager near you. Use it only twice, as the spawned villagers will only be Generic, and not of random professions/types. When they mate and a baby born, the Baby Villager will have a random carrer.

by Gustavo6046.