• Bearbin

    The Tutorials Page

    October 14, 2012 by Bearbin

    The tutorials page on the wiki is quite a good resource for beginners, however it doesn't have that much content and much of that content is low quality.

    So what am I doing to fix this problem?

    • I am improving many tutorial pages myself.
    • I have created more badges that people get when they edit pages in the tutorials category. Remember to categorise your pages people!

    And how can you help?

    • Create new tutorial pages.
    • Add images to old tutorials.
    • Clean up tutorials in the Category:Tutorials in need of improvement.
    • Improve or remove tutorials in Category:Candidates for deletion.
    • Answer questions in the comment pages.
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  • Bearbin

    State of the Wiki

    April 3, 2012 by Bearbin

    Over the past few weeks - the amount of quality edits on the wiki has considerably dropped off. I know this is to be expected as a wiki nears completion - but the wiki is not done. There are still lots more pages to be made for buildcraft 3 and there are many many improvements still to be done.

    If you can find out any more things - please spare a moment of your time to add them and clean up the wiki. :) Please?

    The wiki is also running very low on images. Anything buildcraft 3 related would be very good.

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