I usually don't bother with things like badges and acheivements in games etc... seeing no point in them. Annoyingly I have actually been trying to gain some on this wiki, and was up to 49 of 60 days towards the "Dedicated" badge, only to find that as my timezone is different from the server, the 26 or so hours in between two edits reset my counter... I guess my first edit was on very late Friday server time, and the second early Sunday server time, when for me it was Saturday morning, and Sunday midday.

Rather frustrating and kind of underscores my dislike of acheivements etc...

Somewhat similarly I was actually getting the Minecraft ones, but with mods such as IC2/Redpower that add acheivements the whole thing is broken and resets every time you restart after receiving an IC2/Redpower acheivement.

Why do I bother? Why do developers even put acheivements in place if they're going to annoy more than benefit?


Ironically, I received a badge for posting this as it was my first blog post...

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